A Greener Lithuania

Here at RGE we take global energy consumption seriously and we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. As a company we already minimise our energy consumption at our facilities located around the world. Various methods and technologies have been adopted with lean manufacturing processes and revolutionary, high efficiency lighting leading the way at these facilities.

We are proud to announce that RGE Baltic now consumes electricity, 100% of which is produced from renewable energy sources (RES). By using electricity produced from renewable energy sources, RGE continues to demonstrate its attitude towards ecological challenges in Lithuania and contributes to the sustainability of the environment it operates in.

Production of electricity using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) reduces emission of harmful substances into the environment and slows down the global warming processes.
“Renewable energy generation projects have been attractive for small to medium scale investments in the Baltic States for the past several years.  The countries are seeking to meet their 2020 energy mix targets and have continuously supported renewable energy generation.  Generous support through feed-in tariffs and comparable structures has been granted to wind power, biomass heating and co-generation plants, solar power, biogas and other renewable energy generation projects.  At the same time, the support schemes and intensity of support has been changing, this way making investment decisions more challenging.” – Source Corporate Live Wire
We have been awarded a certificate by Energijos Tiekimas, to certify this achievement. Operations Manager of RGE Baltic Zivile Cerniauskiene is pictured (right) with this certificate.
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