A Wheelie Great Achievement

RGE Whittlesey celebrated the inaugural production run of a new 240 Litre Wheelie Bin last Friday. The event marked the first time that RGE’s largest machine, a Husky 3150 tonne monster, had produced this size of council refuse collection bin. The wheelie bin lids were first produced on existing moulding machines within the main shop at Whittlesey, whilst the 21,600 kg wheelie bin tool was commissioned and started up on the Husky machine.

As part of the celebration, Dave was presented with a token of thanks from Head of Operations Kieran Tharme and MD Dan Leach. “This is for all of the hard work that he and his team has put in to get the machine and robot up and running with such a large tool” commented Kieran. The project was the culmination of a number of month’s effort and the result was the commencement of a production run that will fill the 3,150 tonne capacity throughout the summer.

If you have a need for production on one of the largest injection moulding machines in the country please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page or email us directly at sales@rgegroup.com.
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