Added Value Services

At RGE Group we are well known for our injection moulding capability and expertise, alongside tool making, specialist plastic design and engineering support. Less well known are the range of added value services that the group of companies provide as we strive to satisfy our customers’ requirements for new and existing products, and any process changes to components.

The most significant added value service that RGE Group provide is high quality printing on plastic components. Detailed and complex print can be applied to highly polished white goods components and fascias with our unique CNC programmed high-speed pad printers. This service is also available on products within the Materials Handling range such as packaging trays, crates and pallets. All of which can be customised with customer's artwork or logos to produce an easily identifiable customer specific product. RGE Group has printing available in all 3 UK production plants in Yate, Godmanchester and Whittlesey as well as overseas in our Lithuania facility. More recently we have installed a pad printing machine in our USA facility in Newport, Tennessee; to print decorative buttons for the automotive industry.

Chrome plating is another service RGE Group provides to our myriad of customers. The importance of a good high quality, defect-free finish on a chrome plated part relies as much on the quality of the blank moulding as on the skills of the chrome plater. RGE Group has extensive experience of producing high quality chrome plated plastic parts for the white goods industry, as well as small electrical and furniture components. Pictured in this article is a door trim from a new range of washing machines, in a high quality Chrome Plated finish. We have the capabilities to handle the full process taking control and responsibility for the quality, delivery and cost control through the entire chrome plating process.

Another well understood process is plastic part welding achieved with either sonic welding or linear vibration welding. RGE Group produces many millions of large complicated plastic parts a year using linear vibration which lends itself to large and strong weld sections to make air tight chambers and ducts.

If you require any added value service to be added to your plastic component and would like it to be done competitively, with high quality and with a sole supplier taking responsibility for the whole supply process, then please don't hesitate to contact RGE Group.

You can get in touch using the enquiry form or contact details listed on the contact us page.

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