Borche BS60-III Installed at RGE Whittlesey

On the 12th May, our new Borche BS60-III injection moulding machine was delivered to our site in Whittlesey. The machine was bought to fill a gap in our capacity at this size range. This will help us to run an array of small, accurate mouldings – from electronic timer buttons, to sealing elements on polycarbonate displays for essential oxygen cylinders for the NHS. A lot of planning was required before the delivery of such a large-scale piece of equipment to ensure that it is in line with the production space within the factory, so that the layout and ergonomics of the machine are safe and efficient.

 new injection moulding machine.

We have found that expanding our range of machines allows us to work on some very interesting multiple part projects. Often these larger components also have mating parts, such as clips or buttons which require a much smaller tonnage. The BS60-III has been installed to allow us to produce the smaller parts needed. The machine is accredited as National First Grade Energy Saving, and features an advanced energy saving of 20%-80% compared with traditional hydraulic systems. The Servo motor proportionally delivers hydraulic oil based on actual need, avoiding extra heating and temperature rise, and ultimately ensuring water saving. Alongside lower energy consumption, the BS60-III allows for highly efficient productivity, using a multi-pump control system which can run flexibly to meet real-time production demands to produce small size plastic parts with a single pump and produce big size plastic parts with multi-pump.

 injection moulding machine.

The installation marks the start of a multi-million pound investment in machinery and new equipment throughout 2021 that RGE are embarking on. We look forward to using the new BS60-III on upcoming projects as we expand our capabilities whilst using equipment that ensures lower energy consumption.
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