ENGEL Symposium 2015

Keeping an eye on the latest technological developments is a must for RGE Group. In June RGE Group's Head of Engineering Chris Coles, and Commercial Director Dan Leach, attended an open house at the large machine factory of ENGEL in the town of St. Valentin, Austria. The events main attraction was the live demonstration of a sandwich moulding technology application in the furniture sector. RGE has trialled a number of sandwich moulding applications for furniture and wished to investigate the technology available from ENGEL for future applications.
“For three days, everything at ENGEL in St. Valentin and in the Design Center in Linz revolved around the current and future challenges of the injection moulding industry. The ENGEL large-scale machine manufacturing plant was practically transformed into an injection moulding production facility for the event. Sophisticated components for the automotive, technical moulding, teletronics, packaging and medical industries were produced at new levels of product quality and with unprecedented efficiency in a number of highly integrated and automated production cells.

At its triennial in-house exhibition, ENGEL traditionally takes the opportunity to present product, technology and application innovations for the injection moulding industry to the world for the first time. Among other things, this year's highlights included the injection moulding of metal alloys using liquid metal technology, the new ENGEL flex seal O-ring machine, the ENGEL e-speed with a larger injection unit and the recently extended ENGEL easix robot series.”

A single event organised in this way has many benefits, but most importantly it creates the opportunity to be able to talk with the application engineers at Engel and generate best practice ideas that can be applied in our plastic injection moulding factories. Such technical discussions allow the great relationships we have already with manufacturers like Engel to, much like RGE, continue to grow.

To find out more about the ENGEL symposium a link to the official website article can be found below.

Image Source - ENGEL Austria GmbH
Article Extract Source - http://www.engelglobal.com/en/uk/symposium.html
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