Installation of 3,150t Moulding Machine

In the month of February 2015 RGE Group took delivery of a 3,150 Tonne Injection Moulding Machine onto its Whittlesey site. With such heavy plant and equipment, some parts weighing upwards of 65 metric tonne, these events required a major Health and Safety function to take place to ensure the safety of all parties concerned. In fact, the Safety always starts well before any works are undertaken as planning is vital for any high risk operation.

Health and Safety Officer Chris Pickstone carried out procedures include the vetting of any Contractors to be used for the Lifting Operations. Information such as the Contractors RAMS Risk Assessments Method Statements had to be supplied in advanced and issued to RGE's Health and Safety Officer so he could check and review the arrangements in place for the day. These RAMS included details Safe Operating procedure including using of safety barriers and taped off areas to keep Pedestrians, Fork Lift Truck Operators and other parties away from the Lifting operations.

Also the Contractors would receive a Contractors H&S induction, so they would be made aware of the company site rules and smoking policy on site. A further review of the arrangements and PTW issued would take place before any works are undertaken at the site. The final assembly of the main body and robot system of the 3,150 Tonne Machine were moved into the new Building by the Appointed Contractors Garside and sons Ltd. The Contractors used a number of different types of lifting equipment to move the 3,150 Tonne Machine, such as Hi-Hab Cranes, Fork Lift Trucks, Lifting Jacks and stakes to move all of the equipment in a safe and controlled manner. Health & Safety Officer Chris Pickstone was present during these lifting operations and commented, “I was very impressed with the calm and steady approach and the pure skill of the Contractors lifting and placing of the equipment into the correct position within the building allocated area. The work has been completed with minimal disruption to site activities and it’s great to see the largest machine in the RGE Group safely placed into its production area.”
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