Internet of Things at RGE

RGE Group involves itself in many projects. From our material handling section we work with partners to develop new logistics solutions incorporating the latest technology. The picture to the right shows our Sales Manager for Materials Handling, Russell Smith, in deep concentration during an internal meeting regarding RFID tracking devices that are being used in a number of RGE made products.

“The Internet Of Things (IoT) is taking flight in many industries and marketplaces but has been around in the form of RFID tags and bar code scanning within the materials handling sector for a number of years. Many of our customers request the application of RFID tags or RFID-enabled bar code labels (as pictured) onto their Tote Boxes during production to enable tracking and performance monitoring of material handling equipment throughout their supply chain. We keep a close eye on developing technologies and design our products around such advances to future proof them as best we can.” comments Russell.

He further adds, “I would ask any company with a need for tracking or monitoring of the returnable crates or Totes to reach out to RGE and we can utilise our experience and best practice to come up with a simple and scalable solution.”
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