Introducing Our Expanded Castor Range

We have expanded our castor range with two new additions:
The RGE656 is a Brake Loaded castor with a PU tread. Brake Loaded castors will bring the chair to a stop when a user is sitting on the chair. The use of these castors allows free movement for chairs until weight is applied, which causes the castor to lock and stops the chair from moving.

The RGE657 is Brake Unloaded castor with a PU tread. Brake-Unloaded Castors provide additional safety and functionality as they lock in place when there is no weight present on the chair. This is ideal for situations in which the chair could skid or move as the user sits down on the chair.

The wheels are made of reinforced copolymer soft treads and are 58mm high, 50mm long, and 55mm wide. The body is available in standard black, while the wheels have a black centre with a dark grey tread.
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