Introducing The Euro Size Pallet Collar

The Euro Size Pallet Collar is a lightweight, strong, durable and versatile folding plastic pallet collar that assembles with ease to transform plastic or wooden pallets into folding box pallets. The collar is tough, long lasting and cost effective when compared to disposable one trip packaging. The Euro Size Pallet Collar is 1200mm long x 800mm wide x 300mm high to comply with European specification.

Unlike one trip packaging, the collar can be used on an ongoing basis, ensuring companies comply with packaging and waste regulations, reducing carbon footprints and ultimately costs. The pallet collar is manufactured in the UK from virgin and recycled materials, and at the end of working life it can be recycled, making it an extremely effective environmentally friendly product.

The pallet collar is available in a wide range of colours, along with print and engraving options, and can be customised to suit all your business needs and branding requirements. Alongside the Euro size, the pallet collar is also available in UK Standard and Extended sizes.

The collar assembles with ease, and folds flat when not in use to save space and transport costs. Multiple collars can be stored inside each base unit. Individual panels can be replaced if damaged, reducing waste and costs further. Label holders and corner stabilisers are also available.

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