Investing in Energy Efficiency

As part of RGE’s commitment to becoming more environmentally sustainable, further investments have been made to our Whittlesey factory to improve our energy efficiency. A new Negri Bossi NOVA 500 T 4250 has been installed to replace the old V430, the latest of several new machines that have been installed at our Whittlesey factory. The new injection moulding machine is far more energy efficient and consumes only 8 Kilowatts Per hour, compared to the 80 Kilowatts Per Hour used to power the old machine. The NOVA is fitted with a variable motor speed so that it is not permanently running at high power usage, as old machinery does.

The machine primarily is used to produce containers, closures, and general small and medium size parts for a variety of industries. Currently the new machine is being used to produce waste bins and lids. By investing in more modern machinery, RGE is committed to increasing our energy efficiency whilst ensuring the best quality for the products we produce.

Our Production planning team now refer to machine energy efficiency by means of RGE’s Thingtrax IT system before agreeing on daily production runs. This is planned by selecting the most energy efficient machine when scheduling tool changes to meet customer requirements. This helps our factory to run more efficiently, allowing us to meet lead times whilst using less energy.

Following the installation of solar panels at our Whittlesey site in 2018, we have generated 1,209,639 Killowatts of energy as we move towards a more sustainable future for RGE. Plans are now in place to fit solar panels across the rest of the roof, with the project to be completed by March 2023. Find out more about our previous solar panel installation here.
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