Meet the Team - Tom Coltman, Sales Engineer

Tell us a bit about yourself:
'I have been working within sales since leaving education after getting my business diploma. Since then, I have worked in a variety of industries, ranging from dealing with property and site management, to construction, and now plastic mouldings and office furniture. My current role at RGE has to be my favorite due to the wide variety of products we offer across different industries which means that my workload is very varied, and the great team we have working together.'

Describe your role at RGE:
'I am a sales engineer within RGE, and I deal with a large amount of the office furniture side of the business. This entails looking after our office furniture customers across the UK - old and new. Although currently it has been over a year since I have seen the majority of our customers in person, as we often meet over a Teams call instead due to the pandemic, I will be looking forward to seeing them all in person again shortly. Alongside that, I also deal with some other projects in different industries which makes my role very varied, as our customer requirements can be so different.
Recently I have also been looking after our in house marketing team, which is a new department we have created this year. Expanding my role into this has come hand in hand with sales, making sure that we are shouting about our capabilities in design, toolmaking and manufacturing, and ensuring that our customers have all the information and content they need to learn more about our products.'

How long have you worked at RGE?
'18 months, 3 months before the pandemic hit! It was a sudden change going from the ‘normal’ working world as we knew it into a mid/post pandemic work culture, especially after such a short time with RGE, but the transition was made easy with all the help and support provided. I am looking forward to returning to normality over the coming months.'

What is an interesting fact about yourself?
'I am a notorious hoarder and I can’t stand to throw anything out in the (very unlikely) event in may be needed, 1 month or 10 years away!!'

What do you get up to when you are not working?
'When I am not working I enjoy fishing, which I have been doing since I was 8, and I was actually featured in a fishing magazine at that age as well. I also enjoy going to the gym, running and playing rugby with my friends, but at the minute I will be enjoying watching England win their games in the Euros.'

What is your favourite RGE product?
'The new XO chair base! It has a really sleek and modern design.'
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