New MultiNest Crate Colours

Introducing our extended range of MultiNest Crates: now available in Lime Green, Light Grey, and Cornflower Blue. These colours join our original range, along with the recently added pink and orange. Staying organised is easy with all the great MultiNest features you know and love. The new colour range has been designed with the home or small business in mind, to complement any interior. Nestable when not in use, and stackable to maximise storage, the MultiNest crate is the perfect multifunctional storage solution.

Storage crates have become a great way to store items in a more stylish way. With endless possibilities for use, our versatile multifunctional crates can be used anywhere around the house:
- The perfect size for under the bed storage
- Store food safely with ventilation holes and food grade material
- Tidy away toys in your living room with an aesthetically pleasing finish
Our new, eye catching colour range makes the MultiNest even better suited for use around the home, becoming part of the décor as well as a practical storage solution.

The MultiNest crates are high quality, robust, and cost effective. Collapsible bale arms allow the crates to be stacked on top of each other, or nested within each other when not in use. Our extended range of colours feature easy label removal texture, and are operational between temperatures of -10C and +50C. The MultiNest was designed with environmental responsibility in mind – made from plastic injection moulding, there is little to no waste in the entire production process and the crate can be fully recycled.
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