Our Injection Moulding Capabilities: 2k Injection Moulding and the Overmoulding Process

Bed Hangers are primarily used inside hospitals to hold gas and oxygen canisters securely at patients’ bedsides to allow them to be easily accessible to health care workers without inconveniencing or restricting the patient. The hangers have been used in many hospitals across the country, particularly over the last year and a half in respiratory wards during the pandemic.

The Krauss KM250 is located at our Whittlesey site, and is the primary machine used to produce the Bed Hanger. Using this machine has a number of advantages for the production process, especially as the machine is equipped with a twin injection system in addition to being able to mould single parts. This allows for both the nylon and TPE parts of the bed hanger to be moulded simultaneously, with the machine using an ‘overmoulding’ process to produce the finished product in one action.

We use a robot to move the parts from one cavity to the other as the machine completes the overmoulding process, and the robot is used again once the moulding is finished. Ordinarily, moulding parts with two different types of material would require two machines, so it is a huge advantage to both RGE and our customers to be able to complete the process using just the Krauss KM250. A bed hanger can be produced in just sixty seconds, allowing for them to be produced at a very fast rate to fulfil large orders and meet demand. Using machines capable of overmoulding with twin injection systems broadens our injection moulding capabilities, allowing us to better meet the needs of our customers.
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