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Alongside product design, toolmaking and injection moulding, RGE offer a range of additional services to compliment injection moulded products.

- Labelling
RGE are able to offer a variety of labelling and branding techniques, including the automatic application of self-adhesive labels, which is available on many injection moulded parts. This service allows us to meet requirements such as barcode labelling, or extra identification for each product as it passes through the quality checks and assembly stages.

- Printing
Detailed markings, usage instructions, and even graphics can be applied to cooled components using computer-controlled pad printing (tomography), which offers a premium finish to any product. Simple decorations such as company logos and product markings can also be applied through the application of hot-foil blocking, usually during the cooling cycle of the plastic injection moulding process.

- Assembly
RGE are able to perform linear vibration welding or ultrasonic welding, and our expertise stretches across many welding applications. We produce complex base components using linear vibration welding, which joins a lower and upper part with a watertight welding joint. This creates stable and accurate complex components. These components are then used in products that require reliable, durable, and long lasting parts, such as tumble driers.

- PU Moulding for Furniture
RGE has in-house PolyUrethane production capabilities, used for making soft touch arm pads. We are able to manufacture bespoke designs of arm pads competitively and quickly, with high quality parts manufactured at our factory in the EU.

- Fabric Mesh Inserting for Furniture
RGE is now able to assemble mesh inserts in-house. RGE Baltic facility has recently added assembly lines capable of assembling the fabric mesh into the backs and seats of office chairs, allowing us to provide the finishing touches to injection moulded furniture and offer an important service when producing office furniture.

- Upholstery for Furniture
After growing demand for upholstery for seats and chair backs, RGE works with a network of highly skilled upholstery specialists in the EU. RGE can now mould, assemble, and upholster furniture to the highest quality. When used with our Mesh Insert services, RGE are able to apply all the finishing touches to your injection moulded furniture in-house, simplifying the process and overseeing your project from start to finish.

- The Regrind Centre:
Following the launch of our in-house recycling facility last year, RGE are now able to buy back any extra stock or old products to be recycled back into material which can be reused in the production of new product or goods parts. The centre is capable of processing PP, ABS, PA, TPE, and PBT + PET, and will be expanding to grind other plastics as they become available.

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