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With continued investment in our product design and research facilities, RGE have been able to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with plastic injection moulding. Product design is the first stage of the production process, bringing the customer’s idea or concept into a fully formed vision, with a plan in place to bring it to reality. We work closely with each customer to meet their needs and requirements, and provide the most effective and efficient plastic parts and tooling possible.

The design process

With our decades of experience and involvement in complex and innovative projects, we understand that attention to detail is paramount. Our product design engineers are capable of creating designs from scratch, but often build upon the customer’s initial ideas or help to adapt any previous designs that the company may have commissioned, in order to create designs that are suitable for the injection moulding process. Our Design Manager Mark Temple often attends meetings with clients’ in-house design teams or design agencies that they have previously used, and visits their facilities to view other products they have produced to get a feel for their style. Following the initial sketching and 3D modelling, our engineers, including Senior Design Engineer Alan Ramscar, use a range of in-house software packages to produce SLA, SLS, and rapid modelling.

Following meetings with clients, revisions and changes to the initial designs are made until the client is ready to move the product to prototyping. We are able to create prototypes in any nylon, polypropylene, or ABS material. Our team maintain a strong relationship with each client during the process, and ensure that the final designs meet their vision before prototyping begins. Find out more about our design and engineering process here

Industry Experts

Our product design engineers have conceived, designed and production engineered some extremely popular and recognised products available worldwide:
  • High end and high volume office furniture
  • Retail & food produce containers
  • High volume, low cost home goods

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