Pallet Live Racking System

Installation of a high density, pallet live racking system has recently been completed in our new warehouse facility in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. The solution has been featured in a case study by SEC Storage, who were commissioned to implement the system. We have included an extract of this case study below.

“Exceptional sales growth and a recent contract award from a leading home furniture retailer has seen the RGE Group need to increase its storage capacity. An initial appraisal from SEC Storage found that the non-perishable, low SKU profile of the plastic containers would be suited to a dense storage system.

Understanding the RGE Group’s production process meant that SEC Storage knew the storage system would have to work seamlessly with the despatch process and as a result, a pallet live racking system was specified. The pallet live racking system was configured on a (FIFO) First In First Out basis, and able to store over 300 EUR pallets. The system, by its nature, provides the highest storage density in the new warehouse and delivers pallets effortlessly to the despatch area.

Further product analysis enabled SEC Storage to develop a unified bay size to accommodate the two different pallet sizes, further maximising capacity and operational flexibility.

Each pallet racking bay stands at over 6 metres high, and the 4 degrees slope delivers pallets to despatch on zinc coated rollers complete with speed controllers and a safety separator.

Installed as Phase One to meet initial storage needs of 300 pallets, the warehouse has the ability to accommodate over 2,100 pallets across 114 lanes of pallet live storage, allowing RGE to meet their future growth and capacity needs.
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