Race Against the Machine

Phase 1 of the expansion on the RGE Whittlesey site has gained momentum over the summer with the final steels being placed on 8th August 2014. The facility has been placed to provide additional storage capacity for finished product and to extend the mouldshop for very large injection moulding machines.

The building is also being equipped with an overhead crane to add capacity to lift tools up to 25 tonne in weight. "The new facility will allow us to increase the capacity of tools we can handle, improve logistics for finished goods and allow us a purpose built mouldshop for our first 3,150 tonne injection moulding machine - the largest plastic injection moulding machine in the RGE Group," comments Kieran Tharme Head of Operations (UK). "Initially the building was intended as a packing and storage facility but the plans evolved halfway through the building project to incorporate our new 3,150 tonne moulding machine and lifting capacity for some of the largest plastic injection moulding tools in the UK." added Kieran.

With phase 1 due for completion before the end of August, the focus will then turn on rearranging the layout of the main moulding facility at the Whittlesey site to improve product flow and expand on the 5S best practices already in place.

Let's hope for a summer dry spell whilst we are finishing the build!
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