Recycling Crates at the Regrind Centre

Last week, we received three deliveries of old and worn crates at the end of their lives, from our customer Fletcher European Containers. The plastic crates were brought to our Regrind Centre at our site in Whittlesey to be sorted and broken down using our range of plastic regrinding machinery. At RGE, we offer a buy back service for any old plastic products or extra stock, to be recycled at our Regrind Centre into material which can be reused in the production of new products or goods parts at our injection moulding facilities. This allows us to use more sustainable alternatives to virgin plastics and ensuring that old plastic does not end up in landfill. We regularly use the recycled polypropylene material from the Regrind Centre to produce our MultiNest Crates, Plastic Pallet Collars, and Universal Display Pallets, providing a recycled alternative to the standard virgin PP.

We recycle our customers products, as well as our own worn or damaged material handling products used in our factories. The RGE Regrind Centre is capable of processing PP, ABS, PA, TPE, and PBT + PET, and will be expanding to grind other plastics as they become available. We are proud to be able to offer this service and give a new and sustainable lease of life to old plastics. Click here for more.
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