RGE Deploys Award Winning Industry 4.0 Platform

We are excited to announce a partnership with IoT startup ThingTrax, bringing Industry 4.0 smart technology into manufacturing facilities in both the UK and US. This fantastic oppurtinity has been featured in an article in the 'European Plastic Product Manufacturer' magazine (EPPM) of which some of the content below has been sourced via RGE / ThingTrax personnel. 

"The platform gives RGE Group the ability to monitor, capture and analyse data from their machinery, allowing them to predict and reduce production downtime.

This partnership is a further step in RGE Group’s use of smart technology after the company tested the ThingTrax solution earlier this year. ThingTrax’s Smart Gateway device - which easily connects to machine PLCs - was able to collect RGE Group’s machine data, send it to the cloud and alert RGE Group in real-time to any performance anomalies. This initial pilot saw RGE Group’s overall efficiency improve through better planning and planned maintenance; one of the reasons why ThingTrax’s end to end solution will now be rolled out across further sites.

"We have worked closely with ThingTrax to integrate their solution across two of our sites and over the coming months we’ll be expanding our partnership with them even further," said Dan Leach, Commercial Director at RGE Group. "Using new Internet of Things technology is the future of our industry and at RGE Group we’re seeing the benefits of it first-hand."

Ellis Lambert, IT Manager at RGE Group, noted: “Taking less than one hour per machine, the ease of installation with ThingTrax’s solution is a huge benefit. Their devices are wireless which, in large factories, reduced our deployment time considerably whilst their cloud-based servers enable us to integrate with existing systems without having to worry about maintenance, uptime and scalability.”

"It’s great to see the ThingTrax Industry 4.0 platform being used to such good effect by RGE Group," added Aman Gupta, Co-Founder of ThingTrax. "Using our job analytics engine and dashboard we have been able to provide the RGE Group team with an increase in efficiency through effective job planning and scheduling. We’re now looking forward to extending our work together and building on these early successes."

ThingTrax won the prestigious 'Innovation Award' at Interplas on September 27th 2017. "To be honest, when we started working on it, we knew we were doing something different," said Gupta. "Lots of companies work on this problem but we are unique in focusing completely on plastics. We want to bring maximum innovation to the sector." This system has been judged to have the greatest potential impact on the plastics industry in the coming years.

In the coming months the ThingTrax system will be rolled out across further RGE Group factories in both UK and Europe, with RGE Group also set to benefit from ThingTrax’s new predictive maintenance and tool analytics system.

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