RGE Group Achieves Record Sales

For the fourth consecutive year running, RGE Group is celebrating record sales with a group turnover of in excess of £50 million.

RGE Group has experienced sales growth in key sectors such as materials handling and home furnishings. In addition, white goods and office furniture, in particular, have performed very well over the last 12 months, with both sectors up approximately 10% compared to last year.

The Group’s success is due to significant investment in machinery and processes to meet customer demand. In particular, RGE has seen demand from Blue Chip companies who are increasingly looking for professional, efficient and environmentally aware suppliers who can meet their needs. This has been an area of significant growth for RGE, enabling increased sales with existing Blue Chip customers and also new multi-national customers across the globe. In addition to investment in machinery and processes, RGE continues to significantly invest in staff training at all levels, a key part of the Group’s ongoing business plan to maintain its successful sales record and ensure it stays ahead of the competition.

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