RGE Group in China

RGE China Tooling is RGE Group’s Chinese tool making facility. RGE has had a presence in China since 1998 and at the end of last year, 2014, moved to a new factory in Dongguan, Southern China. The facility is capable of producing in excess of 250 mould tools per annum, up to 15 tonnes.

Working with customers RGE Group supports trials in China, using local expertise alongside UK based project managers. During the month of July Neil Parker, one of RGE’s Product Development Engineers, attended and supported the compliance and approval trials to sign off a number of tools. Armed with a set of drawings, Neil carried out process optimizations and production trials as part of the approval process. Neil is based at RGE Group’s leading edge UK factory located in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.

In addition to existing UK support, RGE Group’s Hot Runner partner in China and Europe will also supply technical assistance and advice if required with technicians based in the region.

During the visit a selection of mould tools were processed. The parts were then assembled, not only together, but to mating parts available for testing, and due to the support support from the UK and the customers, modifications were carried out to improve the fit and function of the parts. The tools could then be re-trialed and the adjusted parts fitted to check the modifications, without the time delay of sending parts to the customer for fitting, testing and review. As part of the trial process, a full report with setting protocol and images of the process is carried out on every tool. Report and trial documentation was generated by Neil using an electronic auditing application on a tablet, one of many within RGE.

With a fantastic mould test company on the doorstep, who understand the needs and expectations of the RGE Group, the continuity of the trials can be ensured.
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