RGE Group Offers Large Part Injection Moulding

RGE Group, a fast growing injection moulding company based in Cambridgeshire, has four dedicated international offices across the globe. Our offices in the UK, USA, Lithuania and China work together to serve a multitude of loyal customers. We focus on the injection moulding of plastic parts for uses including office furniture and materials handling.

Our machine park of over 150 plastic injection moulding machines, with clamp force capacity ranging from 25-tonne to an enormous and rare 3150-tonne, enables RGE Group to supply everything from high quantities of small products through to large part injection mouldings, classed as mouldings 2kg and more up to a maximum shot weight of 20kg. By incorporating lean manufacturing techniques into our production process we can be sure that we are offering the best parts using environmentally friendly methods.

Plastic injection moulding is one of our specialities and we have proven capabilities in large part injection moulding. RGE Group’s work within the precision plastic part, furniture and materials handling sectors allows us to focus on producing various large part designs. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our processes are both efficient and cost-effective allowing all of our customers to receive quick and reliable products when they need them.

RGE Group has invested greatly in large part injection moulding and has recently purchased another 800-tonne press to be used within the UK. Another five large machines, up to 1,000 tonne in size, have also been delivered to our US production plant throughout 2017. RGE Group aims to expand its machinery collection every year and continues to look forward to the future of injection moulding.

We can produce upwards of 100,000 large injection moulded parts (weighing 2kg or more)  per week across the entire Group, estimating at around six million large parts per year. Our ability to reach such high quantities enables us to serve a multitude of customers while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service. Due to our extensive capabilities in large part injection moulding, RGE Group’s services are often required for blue chip leading OEMs creating products such as returnable crates and containers and storage equipment pallets. We also work alongside top retailers in industry sectors producing chairs, bins, storage boxes, white goods and garden equipment.

As well as specialising in plastic injection moulding, RGE Group also offers additional services to improve your end product. Alongside our large manufacturing capabilities, we can provide post-moulding assembly, printing, hot-foil stamping, welding and in-mould labelling. Each of these processes is undertaken by a trained professional resulting in a high-quality finish every time.

RGE Group is always looking for new business opportunities and will be happy to answer any queries through our contact form or email us directly sales@rgegroup.com. Alternatively, call us on + 44 (0) 1480 450 771 to chat directly with the team.
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