RGE Legacy Products - Kango Demolition Hammer

In 1985, RGE worked closely with Kango to produce a demolition hammer. Following the success of market leader Hilti, Kango was keen to create their own hammer as one of the first of a new generation of products they produced. Kango had recently set up a factory in Peterborough, where they set about producing the mechanical parts themselves. RGE was contracted to produce all of the plastic parts for the hammer, including the casing, handle, and cover. The parts were made from glass filled nylon, with clean white printing against the striking red casing. The production ran for around 5 years, with 10-20,000 units produced.

The hammer could be used to take down small walls, demolish masonry, remove wall and floor tiles, rake out old mortar for re-pointing, remove plaster and chase out walls for electric cables, and break up other objects easily. Some Kango hammers are also able to be used as drills, and are capable of drilling holes up to 30mm in masonry.

The Kango demolition was an exciting project for RGE to be a part of during its 5 year run, and helped to expand the range of products and industries that RGE was capable of creating tooling and parts for.
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