Sleek, Supportive and Sustainable: The Temple

Whether you work from home or spend all your time in the office, the right office chair can become your most used piece of furniture.

With an organic rather than technical style, the Temple is elegant, timeless and unique in character, suiting home use as well as in the workplace. The ergonomic shaping of the Temple offers comfort and support when spending long periods of time at your desk. A unique central column design encourages good posture and supports the back whilst acting as a standout element of the sleek and modern look.

The Temple features our bestselling Delanco chair base with five wheels and a matte finish – designed using our years of experience in creating strong, reliable and stylish bases. The chair is upholstered with high quality, durable mesh, and features a moulded cold-cure slab foam seat. Adjustable 2D or 4D PU arm pads, lumbar, seat, and gas lift allow the chair to be personalised to suit each user for maximum comfort. The Temple is also available without arms to allow you to slide the chair under any desk and position yourself closer to your work.

Sit comfortably with the knowledge that the Temple is made from approximately 90% recycled plastic. Made using injection moulding, there is little-to-no waste in the entire production process. With sustainability at the core of its design, the Temple can be refurbished as needed and eventually recycled at the end of its life.

Enquire here to find out more about the Temple, available early 2023.
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