Solar Panels Installed at RGE Whittlesey

Between September and October 2018, RGE set out to install solar panels to the roof of the Whittlesey site. A total of 740 270W solar panels were fitted to the three south facing roof tops of the buildings. RGE invested around £150,000 to install the panels, as a long-term commitment to using more sustainable forms of energy.

The installation of the panels comes as part of the Environmental Green Energy Project, overseen on site by Chris Pickstone, RGE Group Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager. RGE worked with Green Energy International Ltd on the project, as well as with Madola Energy Ltd, who installed the solar panels to the Whittlesey site.

This project is one part of RGE’s larger goal to strive towards operating more sustainably, and bringing environmental consciousness to the forefront of the business. Plans for more solar panels to be installed on the roof at Alconbury, or as a standalone solar farm on a separate piece of land, may also be developed following the success of the panels at the Whittlesey site.
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