What Are Pallet Collars And Why Should You Be Using Them?

Pallet collars are widely being used in the packaging and distribution industry. But what exactly are pallet collars? Why should your business be using them? And what are the benefits of using plastic pallet collars over wooden ones? 

What are pallet collars?

Pallet collars are an accessory to flat pallets, offering a more efficient packaging solution than traditional wooden boxes. They consist of 4-6 panels which are placed on top of wooden or plastic pallets, transforming them into complete storage/shipment containers.
Pallet collars can be securely stacked on top of each other to increase height, allowing for the storage of more items on a single pallet. They can also be easily collapsed when not in use, saving valuable storage space.
With RGE’s plastic pallet collars, you can customise the colour and print your logo to suit specific branding requirements.

Why use pallet collars?

The versatility of pallet collars allows them to suit various business needs and provide a variety of benefits as a packaging solution. Some of these benefits include:

Quick and safe order preparation

For many companies, orders are constantly being received and need to be despatched very quickly. Every minute is crucial to ensure that orders arrive on time and customers stay happy. By using pallet collars, it allows your employees to stack and access products efficiently and safely. Time is not wasted on finding the right sized box for the order. The pallet collars can easily be built up as products are stacked, achieving your desired height until the order is ready.
The stacking ability of the pallet collars also means that they are safer for your employees, as the quick and easy height adjustment of the packaging eliminates the need to bend over high bin sides, reducing pressure on a worker’s back.
The collars can be assembled, collapsed and folded within seconds by just one person, with no need for tools. They’re also lightweight and easy to handle.

Space saving design

Unlike traditional wooden boxes which take up a lot of room, pallet collars can be collapsed and folded, taking up little space. This flexible design allows you to save up to 80% of space, significantly reducing storage costs. Plus, the secure stacking ability of these collars means that you can ship more products whilst using less space. 

Eco-friendly packaging

Plastic pallet collars are a sustainable packaging solution;
Since the pallets can be used time and time again, unlike single-use cardboard or shrink wrap, it avoids the production of any packaging waste. Not only will this help your business to comply with packaging waste regulations, but it will reduce your carbon footprint too.
The manufacturing process of RGE’s plastic pallet collars requires around 40% less energy than that of cardboard, whilst also producing less waste.
RGE produces pallet collars from both virgin and recycled plastic. Once the collar has reached the end of its life, it can be fully recycled, making it a great option for eco-friendly packaging. Read about our in-house recycling facility here.

Cost effective

The use of pallet collars can help your business to cut costs and save money. As previously mentioned, costs are reduced through saving space and minimising waste. Another way that using pallet collars can help your business to save money is through the protection they provide to your pallets and goods during the transportation process, reducing the risk of damage and cutting the costs of repairs and replacements.
The design of RGE’s plastic pallet collars means that individual panels can be replaced if broken, avoiding the need to pay for a replacement of the whole pallet collar.

Plastic pallet collars or wooden?

While wooden pallet collars make up around 90% of collars used around the world, plastic collars offer a variety of benefits that wood simply cannot.
Wood is seen as a sustainable resource for making pallet collars, however, RGE’s plastic pallet collars can be made from recycled materials and can also be ground down to be made into a new product when broken or no longer needed. Plastic pallet collars generally last longer than wooden collars and need to be replaced less frequently, whilst wooden collars are prone to splinters and other forms of damage which can be a danger to those handling the collars; plastic collars do not pose this risk. There is also the added benefit of plastic collars being lighter than wood, which is advantageous from a logistics point of view – the collars are easier to handle and move quickly, whilst remaining strong and durable.

Plastic pallet collars are easily cleaned and can be wiped or washed without damaging the collar. Wooden collars can be hard to clean, especially when wet, which can lead to fungus and bacteria growth in the wood. This makes wooden collars unsuitable for the transportation of food, drink and pharmaceutical goods. Wooden collars also require heat treatment before they can be used for international shipping, unlike their plastic counterparts.

RGE’s Regen Pallet Collars

RGE’s plastic pallet collars are helping a variety of businesses to cut costs and improve the efficiency of their packaging process. Our Regen collars are available in a range of colours (unlike wooden collars) and can be customised to suit your business needs and branding requirements. They are manufactured in the UK using recycled or virgin polypropylene material.
The Regen pallet collar is tough, long-lasting, and cost-effective. It is available in the following sizes:
1200 x 1000 x 300mm (UK pallet size), 1200 x 800 x 300mm (Euro pallet size), 1200 x 1560 x 300mm (Extended pallet size).

Check out the Regen Pallet Collars here

Pricing discounts are available when ordering in large quantities. Please get in touch with a member of the RGE sales team for more details – sales@rgegroup.com
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