What Are Wheeled UDPs and Why Should You Be Using Them?

What are Wheeled UDPs?

Wheeled Universal Display Pallets can be used to move stock or products around factories, or load pallets on and off vehicles without the need for additional material handling equipment. Wheeled UDPs support heavy loads making it easier and safer to move goods. Using wheeled pallets cuts staff handling time and reduces the risk of product damage. Alternatively, the Wheeled UDP can also be used on the shop floor to display goods and speeds up replenishment of stock on the shelves, and when used in conjunction with our MultiNest Crates allows for stock to be moved safely around retail areas. Wheeled UDPs are reusable, and are designed to last.

Why use Wheeled UDPs?

Plastic Wheeled UDPs are ideal for transporting goods or small containers around distribution centres and factory floors, as well as around retail spaces. The pallets are able to support heavy loads whilst remaining easy to move. This makes it fast and easy to transport goods without the need for additional equipment, as opposed to pallets without wheels. The pallets can also be stacked on top of each other for a more convenient storage option.

When used within retail spaces, the Wheeled UDP can be used to display products on the shop floor. Boxes of product can be loaded directly onto the pallet, allowing brands to have their packaging on display to customers, increasing product visibility and therefore increasing sales and brand recognition. This makes the Wheeled UDP ideal for promotional use, in store marketing and displays. The RGE MultiNest crate can also be used alongside the Wheeled UDP to store and display items, such as fruit and vegetables. The crates can easily be swapped out on top of the Wheeled UDP, and the whole pallet is able to be moved around the shop.

The fully recyclable plastic used is well suited to withstand large loads, and remains strong and stable for the safe handling of all goods. The structural integrity of the RGE Wheeled UDP reduces the possibility of damage to products, which could be caused by splinters or damage to wood over time from consistent use of wooden pallets. The plastic used is also suitable for the transportation of food, and can easily be wiped clean if it comes into contact with liquid. The pallet also allows for access to the product from any of the four sides, whilst holding them in place with retractable pop ups.

RGE’s Wheeled UDP

The RGE Wheeled Universal Display Pallet is a strong and durable plastic pallet, designed for multiple applications. The Wheeled UDP is a solid deck, half euro sized pallet. It is lightweight and has been designed specifically to aid easy handling and movement without the need for a pallet/pump truck. The pallet features retractable pop ups to secure loads and aid the use of crates.

RGE’s long lasting Wheeled UDP is made from a recycled and virgin polypropylene base and can be completely recycled. Because the pallets are made from plastic, they are significantly more durable than wooden alternatives, and prove to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the long run, as they are less prone to breakage and damage, and can be recycled after use. The pallets are stable, safe, can be easily stacked and handle high loading capacities. The Wheeled UDP works in conjunction with RGE MultiNest Crates to effectively move and transport produce and goods more easily than traditional standard pallets. RGE’s Wheeled UDP is available in black with red pop ups, but can be produced in other colours upon request. The load capacity is 250kg, and the pallet measures 800 x 600 x 200mm. The Wheeled UDP is also available with a fitted break for enhanced safety.

Check out our Wheeled UDP here.

Pricing discounts are available when ordering in large quantities. Please get in touch with a member of the RGE sales team for more details – sales@rgegroup.com
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