Universal Display Pallet


The RGE Universal Display Pallet (UDP) is a strong durable plastic pallet designed for multiple applications. The UDP is a solid deck half euro sized pallet that is lightweight and has ergonomically designed smooth lifting handles to aid easy handling and manual movement.

It features retractable pop ups to allow ease of use with both crates and standard loads. When used in conjunction with RGE MultiNest Crates, the UDP offers significant benefits for moving and transporting produce and goods over traditional standard pallets.

Our long lasting plastic pallet is produced using high-quality virgin or recycled polypropylene (PP) for outstanding efficiency in transport and storage. Our pallets are stable, safe, easily stackable and can handle high loading capacities.


Product Code
Recycled or Virgin polypropylene base, runners and pop-ups
Black w/ red pop-ups
Measurements (LWH)
800 x 600 x 160mm
Static Load Limit
Dynamic Load Limit
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