Support for your devices
Standii is a whole new design of stand for your phone or tablet. Designed specifically with ergonomics in mind the Standii has two perfect viewing angles. The phone stand is made from soft elastomer to provide a scratch-free support for your device plus a grippy surface to give perfect stable video calls. Replace your current tripod or clunky bracket stand with the luxury of Standii.

Steady Zoom and Facetime Calls
We've all been there. Shaky, handheld zoom calls, or clunky brackets that don't keep stable, make your presentation look unprofessional and distracting. With Standii you will be able to have your video calls next to you whilst you carry on working on your laptop or PC, all whilst giving a perfect and stable picture.

Stable and Comfortable Support for Typing
Standii is made from a non-slip Elastomer, including a portion of recycled material, so is light, non-slip and protective for your device. The textured surface supports and protects your phone or tablet allowing you to type and swipe in comfort; wherever you are!

Designed by a Frustrated Design Engineer
Mark is a product design engineer who designed Standii out of pure necessity. Whilst working on his CAD software he found using his phone whilst it was laying flat on his desk uncomfortable. So, after a day of particularly many DM's and alerts on his iPhone from his boss he decided to produce a simple stand that would display his phone to him at an angle that was more comfortable to view and type on. In addition, he wanted to be able to have video calls on the same device so designed the rear end to offer a perfect viewing angle for his Microsoft Teams video calls. 'It was very important to me that it was a product I would use on a daily basis, now I can't live without a Standii and have one in every room of my house!', said Mark.

Available in Multiple Colours
Standii is available in the following six colours.
  • Cool White
  • Deep Grey
  • Lush Green
  • Rose Gold
  • Royal Blue
  • Sky Blue


What does Standii do?
It provides a solid and non-slip support for your phone or tablet

Can I adjust the angle?
There are 2 angles available on Standii. One for writing and one for video calls such as Teams, Facetime and Zoom calls.

Can I charge my device while using Standii?
Yes. The Standii features 2 entry points where a cable can be fed through to charge any device. Please note cables are not included and wireless charging is not supported.

Where can I buy a Standii?
Available to buy direct from our Online Store or for bulk orders, please get in touch.


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