Knightsbridge 26"


The RGE Knightsbridge is a top of the range spider base with a modern design and slim high arch profile, finished with a light surface texture. The Knightsbridge base is ideally suited for use on executive chairs.

The Knightsbridge base is compatible with all RGE castors, however the RGE647 60mm castor is recommended for use with drop through gas lifts. Drop through gas lifts in combination with small diameter castors need to be checked for ground clearance. RGE707 is a complimentary aluminium version of the same design.

All chair bases are manufactured and stored as stock in the UK and delivered on reusable stillages to save waste, environmental damage and reduce costs.


Product Code
30% GF PA6 (Recycled)
Knightsbridge 26"" Base Pledge
External Diameter
Morse Cone Diameter
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