School Chair, Colourful Classroom Furniture

RGE designed and manufactured the required mould tools before beginning production of this highly ergonomic school chair.

Through the continuous improvements programme at RGE we were able to invest in new gas injection technology to injection mould the chair shell, thus improving the overall performance of the chair.

During the development process it was clear that we could improve the injection moulding material characteristics by developing a hybrid material that would significantly enhance the structural properties of the shell and improve production efficiency. Today, RGE still work to try to engineer even better material options for our customer.  

The vibrant colours are a feature on this product and there are a multitude of colour options. To optimise service to our customer RGE have put in place a highly efficient supply-chain to support these many variations.

In-line assembly is another key element of the chair along with efficient use of RGE’s transport and logistics operation we are able to minimise supply costs for the end consumer.