Baltic Expansion

RGE Group’s factory in Lithuania has recently undergone an expansion of its injection moulding factory floor space with the extension of an existing 10 tonne overhead crane into a previous warehouse facility. "With an increasing order book and realisation of new tooling projects it was necessary to expand our factory floor space for injection moulding plastic machines" explains RGE Baltic’s Operations Manager Zivile Cerniauskiene. The extension of the overhead crane is alongside additional services and material feed systems to allow a further 8 large moulding machines to be added. “It is always good to have continued investment and new orders, with this additional 1000m2 of production space we can continue to maintain our high levels of delivery and quality performance for our customers” adds Zivile.

The new area of the factory has been created with the removal of a partition wall that previously separated the plastic moulding factory area from a finished goods store. The factory is now more evenly split with approximately half of the 7,500m2 building dedicated to injection moulding production and the other half for finished goods storage, packaging and raw materials storage in addition to ‘Work In Progress’ for parts with secondary operations.

RGE Baltic operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and typically produces injection moulded plastic parts in excess of 100,000 annual units volume. If you are interested in sourcing plastic parts from Eastern Europe then we would be happy to talk you through our complete offer. Please send your enquiry to sales@rgegroup.com.
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