Major Investments at RGE Group Yate Plant

Here at RGE we have made some major investments at our white goods factory site in Yate (Bristol), where we supply finished key moulded components direct to our customer’s assembly line on site. These investments have allowed us to streamline production in the factory, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

New Borche Injection Moulding Machines

An investment in excess of £1 million was made of four new Borche machines, including two new Borche BU700 ton machines along with a new 120 ton machine installed at our Yate site, with the remaining machine (BS60) installed at our Whittlesey site. The machines came complete with Sepro robots together with the latest associated ancillaries.

Borche BU700 Injection Moulding Machine


Injection Moulding Sepro Robot

Why such an investment?

RGE decided to make these investments with the aim of speeding up production, improving energy savings and reducing costs.

What attracted RGE to this equipment?

The new Borche BU700 ton machines are of the Two Platen design which are very compact in terms of machine footprint. The machines also employ Servo Motor Drive technology which reduces power consumption together with water cooling requirements. These machines are therefore extremely energy efficient and this was a major factor of influence in making the decision to choose Borche. The machines are also equipped with the Auto Tie Bar removal system for ease of tool loading.

“We are delighted with the performance of our new Borche machines and for delivering the necessary energy savings that we require” Dan Leach, RGE Group Managing Director

What projects have resulted from the investment?

In combination with these machines, a conveyor system has been installed at the Yate factory site. The conveyor unit runs from the machines, directly through to the printing room. In this way, moulded parts can be delivered with ease straight to the operators in the printing room. This has therefore reduced handling, travel time/distance, packaging and stock holding, all of which has further increased efficiency on site.

Factory Conveyor System

Further projects at the Yate factory

In partnership with our white goods customer, there has been a 750k investment in an automated washing machine tabletop gluing line. The machine is used in combination with a six-axis robot, and has the impressive capability of gluing 1 part every 12 seconds.

Another bespoke machine has been installed to aid a manual process of inserting magnets into washing machine plinths. The new machine acts as a wheel which, upon each rotation, presents a new plinth to the operator. The machine will only rotate again once it has detected that the relevant magnets have been properly inserted, which therefore ensures quality and improves efficiency of production.

RGE continually looks at new ways to improve its facilities in order to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, without cutting on quality.

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