Our Range of Material Handling Products Made From Recycled Plastic

Did you know that we can make our MultiNest Crates, Universal Display Pallets and Pallet Collars out of recycled plastic? Using reground polypropylene, RGE are able to supply our material handling products made from 100% recycled plastic. Available in black, our recycled products maintain good strength and longevity. At the end of their lives, our recycled material handling products are able to be recycled again, a circular and completely sustainable process.

Find out more about our material handing products:

- MultiNest Crates
Our MultiNest crates are nestable and stackable, with collapsible bale arms. They have a load weight of 15kg, and 150kg when stacked 10 high. Ventilation and drainage holes make the MultiNest crate suitable for a variety of storage and transport uses, and the crates feature easy label removal texture. MultiNest crates are robust and built to last, designed to suit multiple purposes.

- Universal Display Pallets
Working hand in hand with our MultiNest crates, the Universal Display Pallet (or UDP) is a solid deck half euro sized pallet, used for the storage or transportation of goods. The UDP is capable of stacking two loads of MultiNest crates side by side, up to 10 high, and is available with or without wheels. The UDP has a static load of 1000kg, and a dynamic load of 500kg.

- Pallet Collars
Our Euro, Extended and UK sized pallet collars are used to transform wooden pallets into folding box pallets in seconds. The pallet collar is tough, long lasting, and cost effective when compared to disposable packaging. Unlike one trip packaging, the pallet collar can be used on an ongoing basis, reducing the carbon footprint and costs associated with shipping and transport.

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