Upgrades Made to the Regrind Centre

Following the launch of our in-house recycling facility last year, RGE have continued to invest in the Regrind Centre, most recently with new machinery to increase our recycling capabilities. Our expanding range of machinery allows us to take on more and more plastic waste, recycling old parts and products into material to be reused.


A new IRS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder has been installed, able to break down plastic material more easily. Previously, large plastic parts were cut with an electric hand saw in order to fit into the Cumberland Granulator, which took up a lot of time and was greatly reducing the output of the granulator. The new shredder will vastly improve this process and will allow the Regrind Centre to operate more efficiently. This investment will allow for a greater output, which in turn enables RGE to take on larger workloads and more plastic waste from other companies.

The shredder will be fed through a conveyor belt system of about 10-15 parts at one time. The machine will then break the parts down into 50mm chunks which is then piped into the Cumberland Granulator, which breaks the material down further into 10mm size pieces. These pieces can then be used in the production of goods parts, or are sold back into the market.


Better piping has also been added to the Cumberland Granulator, and a dust extraction unit has been installed to greatly reduce the amount of dust from entering the finished bags of reusable material.

RGE have also added a GSL300/800 Zerma Granulator, which will greatly increase the number of parts that can be regenerated back into usable materials, and will help the facility process more plastic waste.


Currently, RGE are working on plans to move the bag extraction areas into their own rooms in order to reduce the dust and noise levels. We are excited to see the Regrind Centre continue to grow and improve as we are able to process higher levels of plastic waste. Find out more about the Regrind Centre here.

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